Welcome to the Official Website of Dr. Mel Ona

Dr. Ona is committed to helping others achieve health, fitness, and personal fulfillment!

Academics: Are you an aspiring doctor-to-be? Have you struggled in school (pre-med, med school, and/or residency)? Dr. Ona has been there…done that. He will inspire you to achieve your academic goals so that you can fulfill your lifelong dream to become the professional you are striving to be. Check out his Bio┬áto get a glimpse of his “non-traditional” path to becoming a Board Certified doctor. His blog posts will reveal tips for succeeding in school and he’ll help you AVOID the academic pitfalls he encountered so that your path might be smoother, less painful, and ultimately the most direct one.

Health and Fitness: Dr. Ona has helped hundreds of people achieve the body of their dreams. While he himself has struggled with obesity and diet failure, his blog posts will ultimately guide you toward healthier living and fad-diet-free success. “Like” his Facebook page to receive health/fitness updates and news.

Martial Arts: Mel is a martial arts maven! He’s learned from elite coaches: BJJ Blue-belt (under BJJ Black-belt Stephen Whittier, Nexus Martial Arts), Black-belt in Jeet Kune Do (under Bobby Giordano, American Martial Arts Center), and Black-belt in Eskrima (under Cacoy Canete, Doce Pares Eskrima). He’ll share the mental strategies that he learned during his martial arts training that instilled confidence within him to continue forward despite fear and failure.

Music: Dr. Ona started violin at age six, and picked up the guitar, piano, bass, and drums along the way. He majored in music and pre-med in college, played in several rock bands, and he continues with operatic vocal training to this day under Karen Nimereala in Manhattan, NYC.

Success Principles: Mel wrote about “A.C.H.I.E.V.E.” principles in his first book, Changing Bodies – Transforming Lives. This blog will highlight the principles that enabled him to fulfill his life dreams related to academics, fitness, martial arts, music, and personal growth.

Strive and Thrive!